items tagged ‘printed acrylic’

Wishing Star Crane Pin

Pudding Earrings

Pudding Necklace

Pudding Phone Charm

Hanbok Girl Necklace

안녕 (Hi n Bye in Korean) Earrings

안녕 (Hi n Bye in Korean) Necklace

Odang Girl Necklace

Sakura Kitsune Necklace

Star Bunny Necklace

Rabbit on the Moon Necklace

Sleepy Bunny Necklace

Mugunghwa Kumiho Necklace

Odang Girl Earrings

Odang Girl Phone Charm

Rabbit on the Moon Phone Charm

Sleepy Bunny Phone Charm

Mugunghwa Kumiho Phone Charm

Sakura Kitsune Phone Charm

Flower Foxes Earrings

Star Bunny Earrings