Honeysuckle Vine Earrings – Ivory

Honeysuckle represents devoted affection and the bonds of love. Honeysuckle can also symbolize diligently staying true to your path as well as life’s sweetness.

In traditional Korean, Japanese and Chinese art, the honeysuckle vine is a symbol of longevity because of its winding vines that connect together that form a continuous pattern.

True to its name, honeysuckle petals are edible and have a light sweet flavor. This sweetness has given this flower symbolic value in other cultures as well. In the French “Secret Language of Flowers” book, honeysuckle represents being “united in love” and devotion because of its clinging nature.

Honeysuckle is sometimes used in wedding ceremonies to represent the love that clings without harming anyone. In Scottish lore, it was believed that if you grow honeysuckle it will bring good luck and protect the home from evil; when you bring the flowers inside your home, they represent prosperity and money will follow.

This original charm, measuring approx 1.2″ (3cm) tall, hangs from sterling silver hooks & findings. Light and comfortable to wear- a beautiful and inspiring gift, for your loved ones or yourself!

These earrings are handcrafted personally by me, featuring my original design professionally laser cut in 1/8″ thick acrylic. Also available in black.

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