Good Night Durumi Print

The Red-crowned Crane (두루미, durumi) is featured in many East Asian countries’ legends and myths. They are the bird of immortality; immortals ride on their backs in the heavens. The star keeper, an immortal herself, raises cranes to ride– they help her string stars and keep order in the night sky. Here she is hugging them after a long flight.

Little fact: Did you know that their red patch on their head becomes brighter when they’re angry or excited?

Printed on Kodak Endura Metallic paper, known for its gorgeous opalescent surface and strikingly rich, vivid colors. The image does not show the print’s unique metallic gloss appearance, which has stunning visual impact and depth– described as “chrome on paper.”

This is a quality print of an original watercolor, handsigned by the artist (me!) on the back.

Both 5×7 and 8×10 prints have a 1/4″ white border all around.
All prints will be mailed in a protective acid-free and lignin-free sleeve with an acid-free backing to keep it safe while you’re deciding where to put it!

** The watermark (oki tokki) will NOT appear on your print. **

“Good Night Durumi”
Art Print
Handsigned by artist Aein Hope (oki tokki)

Artist retains all copy and reproduction rights to artwork.

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