Flower Foxes Earrings
$12.00 USD

Fox spirits (Japan: kitsune, Korea: kumiho, China: huli-jing) are believed to gain an extra tail for every 100 years they live, the wisest and most powerful being nine tails. These little “flower foxes” are an interesting find as not only are they are still growing (having only five tails) but their tails have markings of flowers: sakura (cherry blossom) and mugunghwa (rose of sharon)!

These two are inseparable best friends, first seen between the changing of seasons from spring to summer. They are often found around their representative trees, frolicking or eating udon.

Little fact: Both cherry blossoms & rose of sharon flowers can be made into tea.

1.5″ inch (3.8 cm) acrylic charm on surgical stainless steel hooks.

These earrings are handcrafted personally by me, featuring my original design professionally laser cut & printed acrylic.

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Do you really design & make everything yourself?
Yes, all designs are created by myself, including the design & code for the website! I sketch new designs & characters, screenprint apparel by hand, assemble the jewelry, package the orders, etc. (read more)

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