Crown Lotus Necklace

Inspired by the Queen’s royal crown ornaments of Baekje Kingdom in Korea, I created this piece as a tribute to all the women who have graced our lives with their love and friendship.

The honeysuckle vines, symbolizing devoted affection and the bonds of love, surround the design and grow into the shape of a rose, the ancient symbol of love and beauty. You can read more about the symbolism of the honeysuckle by viewing oki tokki’s Honeysuckle Vine Earrings.

The lotus in the center is a traditional Buddhist motif symbolizing the purity of heart and mind. The lotus remains unstained despite growing in muddy water and rises above to bloom beautifully. At night, the lotus closes and sinks underwater and will rise and open again at dawn. It represents the hope and perseverance to shine through the “mud of the world.”

A beautiful blending of cultures, the Crown Lotus Necklace is a great Mother’s Day gift as it can be personalized as a custom birthstone mother’s necklace by selecting each child’s birth month for the crystals. It is also a wonderful gift for sisters, daughters, best friends and relatives. The Swarovski crystals that dangle from this piece is customizable– you can choose by the birth months or your favorite colors to further tailor it to the receiver.

January – Garnet
strength, health, perseverance

February – Amethyst
sincerity, peace, wisdom

March – Aquamarine
honesty, loyalty, happiness

April – Diamond (Aurora Borealis)
clarity, purity, eternal love

May – Emerald
faith, patience, courage

June – Light Amethyst
balance, confidence, joy

July – Ruby
love, devotion, integrity

August – Peridot
dignity, protection, success

September – Sapphire
serenity, truth, loyalty

October – Rose Quartz
hope, energy, confidence

November – Topaz
strength, wisdom, courage

December – Blue Zircon
wisdom, honor, wealth

This design measures 1.65″ (4.19cm) wide and hangs from a 22″ silver plated or sterling silver chain with lobster clasp. The Crown Lotus Necklace is available in ivory or black and with or without Swarovski crystals.

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